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  Programs Created for each individual student.    

Children's Beginning Guitar or Piano

Students from the age of 7 will learn the fundamentals of guitar or piano including: Simple to intermediate Chording, strum patterns and finger style,  single note melodies in both guitar tab and traditional sheet music, beginning music theory, songwriting and performance techniques will be discussed as well as have the opportunity to create their own CD or music videos in the recording studio.

Intermediate Guitar

After basic techniques of guitar accompaniment, single note melodies and music theory have been mastered.  Students will learn additional chording practices and enter the world of several different musical styles taylored to the students musical interests as well as learn more in depth about chord creation, build upon their music theory and begin to learn lead guitar playing practices and technique.  The recording studio will be used to give visual and auditory critique to aid in self adjustment of technique.

Lessons and Practice Schedule

Lessons are scheduled weekly for 30 minute sessions.  Students will be required to practice 30 minutes every day 5 days a week to keep a productive advancement of their skills.  It is imperative that regular practice occur to achieve maximum comfort, accuracy and speed.

Other Skills or Opportunities Available for Study

Depending on interest, students will have instruction available in songwriting, combining voice and guitar or piano for performance, vocal coaching and modern music production using ProTools Ultimate software.   


We also book studio space for small project recording and solitary musical practice. See                                     for more details.